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name of drug:watermelon frost spray (new product of watermelon frost series)

ingredientsmirabilitum praeparatumradix scutellariaerhizoma belamcandaeradix sophorae tonkinensisflos lonicerae japonicaeradix saposhnikoviaementholumborneolum syntheticumborcborax radix scrophulariaeradix ophiopogonisradix glycyrrhizae.excipients are steviosinpolysorbate80

descriptionits brown-colored liquid; fragrant-smell; sweet, light-bitter, pungent-cool taste

functions and indicationsclearing heat and detoxicating, eliminate the swelling and relieving sore throat. it’s used in acute pharyngeal tunefaction with symptoms of sore throat, throat burning, throat swelling, or diffichult swallowing, acute pharyigitis or acute attack of pharyngitis with the above-mentioned syndromes.


administration and dosage spray this product on the affected part, 5 spraying each time, 12 times daily.

adverse reactionsunclear.



1. avoid spicy and irritating food.

2. do not touch the eyes when using this product. do not use it on the damaged skin.

3.do not place this product near fire and high temperature and do not collide violently. do not use near open flame.

4. it is not advisable to take nourishing chinese medicine at the same time.

5. patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and kidney disease should take it under the guidance of doctors.

6. pregnant and lactating women should use with caution and under the guidance of a physician. children, the elderly and infirm, spleen deficiency and loose stool should be under the guidance of doctors use.

7. patients with suppurative tonsils or fever whose body temperature exceeds 38.5 should go to the hospital.

8. if there is obvious burning sensation on the drug site, stop using the drug, gargle, and consult a doctor if necessary.

9. if symptoms do not relieve after 3 days of medication, you should go to the hospital.

10. this product is not allowed for allergic people, allergic people should use with caution.

11. do not use when the character of this product changes.

12. children must be under adult supervision.

13. keep out of reach of children.

14. if you are using other drugs, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product.

drug interactiondrug interactions may occur if used with other drugs. please consult your doctor or pharmacist for details.      

storagesealed tightly.

packageoral liquid medicinal high density polyethylene bottle.20ml per bottle.     

validity24 monthes

executive standardstate food and drug administration national drug standard ybz12892004-2009z

approved numbercfda of china no.z20040137

manufacturer:guilin sanjin pharmaceutical co., ltd.

add.:no.9 renmin nan road, lingui district,guilin,guangxi,china 

tel.: 0086-773-5843251

fax: 0086-774-5843251

web site: http://www.sanjin.com.cn

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