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  [name of drug]:sanjin watermelon pastilles

  [ingredients]:mirabilitum citrulli preparatum ;fructus terminaliae chebulae immaturus;fructus momordiae;radix adenophorae;radix ophiopogonis;fructus mume;pericarpium citri reticulatae;radix glycyrrhizae;oleum eucalypti;borneolum syntheticum;mentholum;oleum menthae dementholatum.

  [properties]:this product is film-coated pastilles. after removing the coating, it reveals brownish yellow to yellow brown in color, with fragant and sweet smell, pungnet and cool, and slightly sour and bitter taste.

  [functions and indication]:prevention of swollen sore throat, hoareseness of voice, throat impediment, tonsillitis, oral erosion, mouth and tongue sores, gum abscess; acute and chronic pharyngolarynigitis, mouth ulcers, stomatitis,swelling painful gum.

  [usage and dosage]:take orally, 1 tablet per time, 6 times per day.

  [approved number]:cfda no.b20021030

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