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name of drug:fufang luohangguo qingfei keli

ingredients】siraitiae fructus、eriobotryae folium、chrysanthemi flos、armeniacae semen amarum、poria、codonopsis radix. excipient is sucrose,

description】this product is yellowish brown to brown particles; it tastes sweet and slightly bitter

functions and indications】clearing heat and eliminating phlegm, moistening lung and relieving cough. suitable for cough phlegm yellow, phlegm obstruction, dry throat and dry tongue syndrome of phlegm heat cough.


administration and dosage 】 take orally after mixing 14g with boling water each time,3 times daily

adverse reactions】unclear

contraindication】prohibited for pregnant women; patients with diabetes and cold phlegm cough should not take it


1. avoid spicy, cold and greasy food.

2. it is not advisable to take nourishing chinese medicine at the same time.

3.patients with bronchiectasis, pulmonary abscess, pulmonary heart disease, pulmonary tuberculosis should go to the hospital when coughing.

4.if symptoms do not relieve after 3 days of medication, you should go to the hospital.

5. children, the elderly and the infirm should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

6.this product is prohibited for allergic people, and should be used with caution for allergic people.

7. do not use when the character of this product changes.

8. children must be under adult supervision.

9. keep this product out of reach of children.

10. if you are using other drugs, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this product.

drug interaction】drug interactions may occur if used with other drugs. please consult your doctor or pharmacist for details.

storage】sealed tightly.

package】bidirectional stretch polypropylene/vacuum aluminized polyester/polyethylene medicinal composite film bag. each box is 8 bags or 10 bags.

validity】24 monthes

executive standard】state food and drug administration national drug standard ws-5892(b-0892)-2014z

approved number】 cfda of china no.b20020913

manufacturer:guilin sanjin pharmaceutical co., ltd.

add.:no.9 renmin nan road, lingui district,guilin,guangxi,china



web site:http://www.sanjin.com.cn

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